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The Unending Quest for Reform: An Intellectual Memoir


In this memoir, Olaopa ties his personal and professional maturation together into a seamless story of a young Abwa boy making it to the Presidency in Abuja, and building a governance and institutional reform portfolio and philosophy that speak to the yearning of a professional and patrict intent on transforming the policy architecture and institutional structuration of the Nigerian state. This memoir, therefore, has an intergenerational objective it is the past speaking to the future about why Nigeria must be great.

$ 30.00 Ι ISBN: 978-1-943533-59-6 Ι Published 2023 Ι Pan-African University Press

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In The Unending Quest for Reform, Professor Tunji Olaopa fills a critical gap in public administration history in Nigeria with the insertion of a personal narrative in the formal historical trajectory of public administration and public service.

Personal narratives-biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs serve a significant purpose in enlivening and humanizing the role that public administration and administrators play in the transformation of the discourse and practice of making Nigeria a better country.


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