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Migrant Stories: A Memoir of Living and Survival in the West and Asia


A.B. Assensoh, LL.M. (Oregon), PhD (NYU), is professor emeritus of Indiana University, and courtesy professor emeritus of University of Oregon. Assensoh, a trained journalist and historian, is author, editor, or co-author of several scholarly articles and books, including A Matter of Sharing: A Memoir (PAUP, 2016); African Military History and Politics: Coups and Ideological Incursions, 1900-Present (Palgrave, 2002; 2006); Malcolm X: A Biography (Greenwood, 2014); Malcolm X And Africa (Cambria, 2016); African Political Leadership: Jomo Kenyatta, Kwame Nkrumah and Julius K. Nyerere (Krieger, 1998). Ghana-born A.B. Assensoh lives in Eugene, Oregon, USA with his lawyer-political scientist spouse (Dr. Yvette M. Alex-Assensoh) and their two sons, Kwadwo and Livingston, both students of the University of Oregon.

$ 45.00   Ι  ISBN:  978-1-943533-35-0   Ι  Published 2018  Ι  Pan-African University Press

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Migrant Stories: A Memoir of Living And Survival In The West And Asia is volume 2 of A.B. Assensoh’s life, times and odysseys. With a foreword by Professor Damien Ejigiri, the long-serving Dean of the Nelson Mandela College of Government and Social Sciences at Southern University and A & M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the book provides a unique overview of a professional colleague that he has known for some decades. Dr. Assensoh has provided a proverbial mirror – similar to what Duke University’s distinguished History Professor John Hope Franklin did with his own published memoir – through which his readers can read about a variety of topical migrant stories, which have been couched in his own preface; musings about far away from home stories; faces, places and celebrations; the shocking story of a modern “cougar” pouncing on a young black man; racial escapades in Europe and the Americas; discussions beyond politics, several of which have law flavor, stemming mostly from his latter-day Law Studies; and an epilogue dealing with a discussion of issues before he enters eternity, during which he expects his Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity members to initiate him into their prestigious Omega chapter, just as it was done for other past deceased members, including the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a proud Alpha and Morehouse College man. Similar to what he shared with his readers in volume one of his earlier published memoir, Dr. Assensoh has provided readers of Migrant Stories: A Memoir of Living and Survival In The West And Asia with several memorable photos, with appropriate captions.


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