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New Release: Life Begins at 70!

Life Begins at 70!

Literally, I could not sleep; hyperbolically, I could not breathe, until I finished reading Life Begins at 70 – A Godfather’s Confessional Memoir. . . It’s that good – pure and simple! The memoir of Bola Dauda is breathtaking and “bewitchedly” captivating! This is one book to be read in whole, diligently, and with undivided attention.

Professor Michael Oladejo AfoláyanFate of Our Mothers: The Collected Memories of An African Village Boy

Reading Bola Dauda rekindles the feelings I had with The Confessions of Saint Augustine. Both are spiritually anchored and authentic. A nugget for readers interested in personal biographies. Dr. Dauda provides practical suggestions that are applicable to those nefarious issues of daily existence and along with it, several amusing stories and anecdotes.

Professor Augustine Agwuele, Professor of Linguistics, Texas State University, U.S.A.

This book celebrates the narrative character of the moral life, accents the historical nature of social existence, and holds up virtues as the foundation of the good life. In telling the story of his life, Dr. Dauda has put forward a theory of the narrative formation of individual or group character that should enliven social ethics in Africa.

Professor Nimi Wariboko, Walter G. Muelder Professor of Social Ethics, Boston University, USA.

The critical thinking of Dr. Bola Dauda makes this uncommon autobiography of a naked emperor an inspirational guide to a life of freedom, purpose, integrity, joy and success in the world today. Teens and adults as well as parents will find the cakes one could eat and keep from his bakery in the secret garden delectable and nourishing to the soul.

Dr Samson O. Ijaola, Sub-Dean, School of Post Graduate Studies, Samuel Adegboyega University, Edo State, Nigeria.

Bola Dauda holds a master’s and doctorate degrees in Political Theory and Institutions from the University of Liverpool. As a scholar, he is widely published in Europe, the United States, Africa and Asia. Dr. Dauda’s writings have been translated into Spanish, Chinese, and French. He is an ex-honorary fellow of the University of Leicester, and a life member of the U.K. Coaching Academy.

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