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New Release: Contemporary Nigeria

Contemporary Nigeria: Transitional Agencies of Change

The essays in this volume provide a framework for understanding contemporary Nigeria’s pains and gains. Nigeria remains a country in transition, characterized by many challenges and positive changes. This book captures its dysfunctional elements as well as its success stories as the continent’s most populous nation, generously endowed with both natural resources and human capital. The various views in this book reflect the twists and turns in Nigeria’s post-colonial experience.

Professor Sati U. Fwatshak is a professor in the Department of History and International Studies, University of Jos, Nigeria. His research publications and interests span African social and economic history including the History of African entrepreneurship, African development, African politics, African conflicts, and Islam in Africa. His major publication entitled African Entrepreneurship in Jos, Central Nigeria, 1902–1985 was published in 2011.

$25.00   Ι   ISBN: 978-1-943533-03-9   Ι   Published 2016   |   Pan-African University Press

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