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Introducing Yoruba Studies Review

The Yoruba Studies Review is a refereed biannual journal dedicated to the study of the experience of the Yoruba peoples and their descendants globally. The journal covers all aspects of the Yoruba transnational, national, and regional presence, both in their West Africa’s homeland and in diasporic spaces, past and present. The journal embraces all disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and the basic /applied sciences in as much as the focus is on the Yoruba affairs and the intersections with other communities and practices worldwide. The journal will foster and encourage interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches dealing with a wide range of theoretical and applied topics including, but not limited to: cultural production, identities, religion, arts and aesthetics, history, language, knowledge system, philosophy, gender, media, popular culture, education and pedagogy, politics, business, economic issues, social policy, migration, geography and landscape, environment, health, technology, and sustainability.

The first volume contains the following:

Religion and the Future of Nigeria: Lessons from the Yorùbá Case, by J. D. Y. Peel
The Interface Between the Written and the Oral in Ifá Corpus, by Ọmó.tádé Adégbindin
A Comparative Study of Olódùmarè, the Yorùbá Supreme Being and the Judeo-Christian God, by S.é.gun Ògúngbèmí
The Glocalization of Yorùbá Ọmọlúwàbí Ideology, by Adémó.lá Dasylva
Is Modernity Single and Universal?: Ò.làjú and the Multilateral Modernity, by Adéshínà Afọláyan
The Migration Patterns and Identity of the Okun-Yorùbá People of Central Nigeria, by Ilésanmí Àkánmídù Paul
Women and the Age-Group System among the Ìjè.bú of Southwestern Nigeria, by Catherine Olútóyìn Williams and Níyì Ògúnkò.yà
Literature and History: A Study of Nigerian Indigenous Historical Novels, by Lérè Adéyẹmí

Special Profile — délé jé.gé.dé.: Art and Life
The Masquerade in the Marketplace: délé jé.gé.dé.’s Introspections and Reflections In Colors and Lines, by Tóyìn Fálọlá
Ìké.ré.-Èkìtì in Art and Cultural Narratives, by délé jé.gé.dé.
Rare Objects and the Rhapsodic World of Yorùbá Elite Art Collectors: Preliminary Notes, by Adérónké. Adés.ọlá Adésànyà

Review Essay
A Voice Sweeter than Salt: Tóyìn Fálọlá and the Construction of Subaltern Narrative Space, by Ben Weiss

Please visit Yoruba Studies Review or email to receive a copy.

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