PAN-AFRICAN UNIVERSITY PRESS is a self-funded, not-for-profit publishing house that exists to establish a formidable platform for seminal discourses related to Africa and the African Diaspora. PAUP inserts African voices into the global academy, makes the knowledge produced in one African country available in other African libraries, and gives attention to a new generation of African scholars. We partner with a number of African universities and institutions, who are listed on our website under the heading “Consortium Members”. We do not charge any African university to join the consortium.

PAN-AFRICAN UNIVERSITY PRESS publishes books from authors mainly based in Africa and creates multiple advantages for these titles by:

  1. Connecting African universities to one another within the continent;
  2. Connecting African universities to other worlds libraries;
  3. Offering free distribution within Africa, in digital and non-digital forms; and
  4. Creating a better index, searchable all over the world, and thus enhancing their citations.

All publications are vigorously peer-reviewed.

By supporting PAN-AFRICAN UNIVERSITY PRESS, you will become a part of an endeavor to harness and make available studies in accessible and affordable formats to all relevant and interested scholars, teachers, students, policymakers, and the broader reading public. It is our sincere hope that this endeavor will bolster a new and more accommodating world culture and order.

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